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Lissmac FS 22 D / E

The unique features of the Lissmac floor saw range can be seen in the FS 22 model, where exceptional power is combined with compact design and optimum manoeuvrability.

The FS 22 E model, as well as having low noise emissions, achieves stepless speed settings of 800-2800rpm from its compact, horizontally mounted 22kW/30hp motor, which has its own soft-start power build-up to prevent mains trip-out. The raising and lowering of the saw blade is powered independently of the main motor by means of two internally charged, maintenance-free gel batteries. Other innovative features include rapid forward to reverse cutting changeover, using the Lissmac swing-arm action, water-efficient flange spraying coolant system, and a liftable motor hood enabling easy access for maintenance and tank filling.

The FS 22 really comes into its own in tight corners, where it's compact design and movable motor hood permit intersections and flush-cuts to be handled with ease (using appropriate accessories), as well as its narrow width design, allowing it to be taken through standard doorways.